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Thanks our high skilled people, we could provide great services to our customers.

Project Management

Project management is the key to bridging the gap between customers and Trans Mold Group (TMG), it helps our customers know every process clear even though they are not in China. Generally, the latest weekly progress will be presented to our customers on every Monday.

All of our project managers are experienced engineers with plastic mold manufacturing and design background, they could speak good English and always have good communications with our customers. ….Read more

Mold Design

Trans Mold group (TMG) believes high quality molds or plastic parts start with a great mold design, so we pay 100% attention to the mold design: gates, runners, cooling channels and mechanisms to ensure the optimal scenarios are used. We work with customers closely to determine the mold details such as steel, components standard, raw materials selection etc., constructive suggestions are always made based on the benefit to our customers. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its lifespan and easily maintenance, all molds are made economically and functionality to meet customer’s expectations. ….Read more

Mold Making

Our tool shop is fully equipped to manufacture custom plastic molds and machined steel parts, 90% of our injection molds are exported to Europe and North America. Averagely we can supply 20 sets of molds per month, first parts lead time is around 3-6weeks depends on the complexity of mold structure. We buy the mold bases from LKM and other qualified supplier, mold steel and heat treatment with certificates apply to customers’ specifications. We can make the mold weight up to 10T and minimum precision of 0.005mm.

Our mold making capacities and experiences include…. Read more

Mold trials & Small molding production

Trans Mold Group (TMG) has good relationship with a mold trials company, it’s close to us and equipped with press machines from 50 to 2000 tons including equipments for two-shot molding, gas-assisted injection molding, etc. This allows us to test a wide range of plastic injection molds and make samples for evaluation according to the customer’s needs.

We also could provide small molding production service to our customers…. Read more