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Trans Mold group (TMG) believes high quality molds or plastic parts start with a great mold design, so we pay 100% attention to the mold design: gates, runners, cooling channels and mechanisms to ensure the optimal scenarios are used. We work with customers closely to determine the mold details such as steel, components standard, raw materials selection etc., constructive suggestions are always made based on the benefit to our customers. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its lifespan and easily maintenance, all molds are made economically and functionality to meet customer’s expectations. Our design/engineering technologies use the software with:

  • Pro-E, Solid Works, UG NX10.0, CATIA V5-6R2015, etc.. (3D mold design)
  • AutoCad (2D layout)
  • Mold Flow Analysis (Plastic flow/deform simulation)
  • MasterCam (CNC Programming)

DFM (Design for manufacturing): For high quality molds, we study carefully the part design for de-molding analysis. The potential issues such as de-molding draft, undercut issues, sharp & thin steel, sinking marks & air traps by deep ribs, mold inserts, and so on. We will collect all detailed data & facts and report to our customers by DFM analysis. We will discuss with our customers to find out the optimal scenario to achieve project goals and objectives. Customers review final mold design, such as part layout, parting line, ejection and gate locations, finishing, engraving etc, mold design in 2D & 3D will be provided and need to be authorized by customer before cutting steel.

Mold Flow Analysis (MFA)

We provide our customers with mold flow analysis service, the professional mold flow analysis can figure out mold defects that may exist in advance. It will help to determine the optimal hot runner position, identify whether there is an shrinkage, combined with the location of the line, reduce deformation, improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the injection molding cycle time as much as possible.

Currently we have 8 designers, most of them have 6 years or more than 10 years experiences as mold designer, familiar with HASCO, DME, Meusburger and other international standards. We will work closely with our customers and ensure the molds are designed according to customer’s standard.